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SLK Advisory Board Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Tom Taylor
Roger Carswell, Representing Library SystemsBill Brady, Representing General PublicAnn Adrian, Representing Public Library TrusteeRandy Roberts, Representing Regents LibrariansRhoda MacLaughlin-Ramirez, Representing Community College LibrariansSusan Moyer, Representing KS Federation of WomenTom Taylor, Representing Public LibrariansRay Walling, Representing Private College LibrariansSteven Waugh, Representing General PublicLeslie Weishaar, Representing School LibrariansVacant, Special Librarians
Andy Schafer
Board packet: https://kslib.info/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Agenda/_06112021-58?packet=true
Roger Carswell
Going to miss Rhonda!
George Seamon
Glad your safe!
Ann Adrian
My electricity went off and I tried to use my iPad and now the electricity is back on and I'm trying to get hooked back in to my desk top computer. I apologize for my distraction and absence during this meeting.
Tom Taylor
It wouldn't be a Zoom without a hiccup, Ann